Local Perception of Traditional and Avocado Crops as Ecosystem Services in the Mariposa Monarch Biosphere Reserve


  • Luis Alfonso Flores‑Arteaga
  • Clarita Rodríguez‑Soto
  • José Mauricio Galeana Pizaña
  • Canchola Yered Gybram Pantoja



Słowa kluczowe:

Usługi ekosystemowe, postrzeganie, awokado, uprawy tradycyjne


The concept of ecosystem services (ES) refers to the goods and services that ecosystems produce for the benefit of people, serving as generators of well‑being. Three dimensions are recognized that promote the presence of these services: the material, the relational, and the subjective. These dimensions are highly influenced by the lifeworld, which has been crucial for documenting processes of environmental degradation. In this sense, it is important for geography to determine the connections between the social
typifications of meaning and the spatiotemporal rhythms of action, contributing to the discovery of underlying structures of intentionality. One of the main challenges in the management of ES is their interdependence, as their relationships are often nonlinear, and there is a preference for the immediate provision of one service over others, resulting in trade‑offs characterized by the reduction of productive capacity in favor of another. This study analyzed, through semi‑structured surveys applied in the field, face to face, the perception that people living in the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve have regarding traditional and avocado crops, the latter characterized by promoting compensations through land use change from native forests to large monoculture areas in the State of Michoacán, which is rapidly expanding in the lower zone of the RBMM. The results show that perceptions and feelings associated with these services contrast with each other, daily life activities, means of family livelihood, and proximity to the core and buffer zone are determining factors in the perception of these ES. The results of this work, based on the geography of perception, can be useful as guiding threads for the development of effective, specific, and inclusive management and conservation plans based on the feelings, knowledge, and needs of people who are recognized as actors favoring ecosystem conservation or the creation of externalities.


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